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Exergonic (Starmill Records) (Distributed by Discomania/DMD)
A New Morning - Single (Starmill Records)
Who Is In? (Starmill Records) (Distributed by NovaMD)

La Catharsis Vol. 6 (Catharsis) Track: Double Helix
La Catharsis Vol. 3 + Vol. 4 (Catharsis) Track: Hollow (Sine Remix)
Tranquility 002 (Invisible Lounge) Track: Hollow (Sine Remix)
Autumn Time (Sine Music) Track: Hollow (Sine Remix)
GOA Beach Vol. 12 (Millennium) Track: Momentum
Cosmic Chill Lounge V (Sine Music) Track: Sundown Dance
Bar Lounge Classics Edition 1/2010 (Sony Music) Track: Hollow (Sine Remix)
Calm Ibiza (Sine Music) Track: Momentum
Cosmic Chill Lounge IV (Sine Music) Track: Hollow (Sine Remix)
Le Café Abstrait Vol. 6 (Abstrait Music) Track: Pink Synth
Place du Marché - Les Sons Vol. 1
(Lili is Pi Records) Track: Waters in Motion
Art Deco In Style (High Note Records) Track: Forty-two
Supperclub Arrogance (United Recordings) Track: Forty-two
Café del Mar Dreams 4 (Café del Mar Music) Track: Inner Journey (Remix)
0815 (Zap Music) Track: Waters In Motion
CARPE DIEM and enjoy easy living (Domino/Warner) Track: Forty-two
Young Grooves
(Toptrax/Zyx) Track: Inner Journey
Le Voyage Abstrait (Abstrait Music) Track: Four Notes
Spa Music Resort Vol. 1
(More Music) Track: Waters In Motion
Emotional Sound Energy 2
(Domino) Track: Forty-two
Walk of Style (Abstrait/InStyle) Track: Mode III
Café del Mar Vol. 11 (Café del Mar Music) Track: Waters In Motion
Kaffeehaus Lounge 3 (Toptrax/Zyx) Track: Inner Journey
Café Oriental Vol.3 (Zyx/Ayia Napa) Track: Sitarian Supernova
Café del Mar Dreams 2 (Café del Mar Music) Track: Forty-two (opening track!)
Coffeeshop Vol. 3 (Edel) Track: Forty-two
Vienna Scientists III (Columbia/Sony) Track: Forty-two
Hidden Treasures IV (Prudence/BSC Music) Track: Pink Synth (opening track)
Bésame - Chilling Tunes (PopUp/Universal) Track: Pink Synth
Spacecakes (Vitaminic) Track: Above The City
Chi:Tastic (Boerding Entertainment) B2B Track: Above The City
Cooldown 5
(Multitrax) B2B Track: Waters In Motion
Dave's Combo Workout
(Multitrax) B2B Track: Waters In Motion
Urban Pilates 5
(Traxmusic) B2B Track: Waters In Motion

Changeability by Tafubar (Lemongrass Music) Track: Suona, suona mia Sitara (Sonic Adventure Project Quiet Mix)
Viehböck/Köllerer as producers:
Track: "King & Queen", features on the recently released CD - Single "Thunder (Our Song)" of the Austrian pop-duo "Achtung Liebe!".


TV / Film / Radio / Awards:

Sonic Adventure Project’s music has been used for TV, film and advertising. From travel shows, to sports productions to political magazines to motion pictures. For example: "White Noise – The Light", "Solitary Man" (Starring Michael Douglas). TV series "Kyle XY", "10 Things I Hate About You". A Weitz & Luxenberg commercial featuring Erin Brockovich or an ad for the support of the relief efforts in Haiti.

Their tracks have been played on radio-stations all around the globe. From Austrian FM 4, to the German Klassikradio to the popular US Station "Echoes" (the album "Exergonic" was No. 3 of their October 2005 charts!) to the Australian station 2MBS-FM Sydney. And they are being featured on numerous Internet Radio Stations.


Hollywood Music in Media Award Hollywood Music in Media Awards Nominee 2009 - A New Morning


Hollywood Music Awards Nominee 2008 - Inner Journey


Independent Music Award Independent Music Award 2006:
The CD "Exergonic" made Top 3 in the Album of the Year 2006 award, Dance/Electronica category. The jury consisted of people like Norah Jones, Melissa Etheridge, Joe Perry, Bill Wyman, George Clinton.


Just Plain Folks Music Awards Just Plain Folks Music Awards:
place in the 2006 Just Plain Folks Music Awards. Ambient Album of the Year (Exergonic) and 3rd place for Ambient Song of the Year (Forty-two).


With the song "Inner Journey" the Sonic Adventure Project took first place in a song contest hosted by the US "Film Music Report”. First price included a remix of the song, done by multiple Grammy-Award-winning mix engineer Ken Lewis. His credit-list reads like a Who is Who of international pop-stars, including Lenny Kravitz, Beasty Boys, Mariah Carey...



Austrian natives Peter Koellerer and Thomas Viehboeck (Sonic Adventure Project) recently received the honor of being named Runner Up by the Song of the Year songwriting contest. Song of the Year is an international songwriting contest supporting VH-1’s Save the Music Foundation. The Song of the Year judges are some of the biggest names in music including many Grammy Award winners.

Song of the Year is excited to recognize Peter and Thomas for their exceptional songwriting ability for the song "Inner Journey". Peter and Thomas competed against songwriters from all over the world for this honor. When asked what inspired the song they commented that "as the title suggest, the song is really about some of the feelings and questions we carry inside in our daily lives."

Currently Peter and Thomas are concentrating on the release of their CD "Exergonic" on their label Starmill Records while hoping to find worldwide distribution partners.

You can find more information about the Sonic Adventure Project by visiting their webpage at

Who Is In


A New Morning

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